Basics: Map Embeds

Admin Location: Web Integrations> Map Embed
Exhibitor Plus Only: No

Important notes for embeds

  • For security reasons, our platform utilizes SSL encryption (https://). If your website does not have SSL (https) installed, embeds - especially the registration map - will likely not function properly. 
  • If you do not not know how to paste your embed code into your website, please consult your website administrator!


Our embeds allow you to place a window of the floorplan, speakers, and/or schedule sections directly into your show's home webpage. When creating a map embed, you can choose to include or exclude registration mode. You can create and save multiple embed codes, all with different options from the dropdown menus.

Once the code has been added to your website, you can change and save each code's settings at any time here in the admin if you want to change the functionality of the code.


To create a code:

  1. Go to Web Integrations > Map Embed
  2. Select how the embed should react when a user accesses your page on a mobile device.
  3. Select if you would like registration turned on for the map embed.
  4. Select which features you would like to exclude, if any.
  5. Copy the embed code and paste into the HTML body of your website.
  6. Click "Save Settings".

To create multiple codes:

  1. Click "Create Additional Embed".
  2. Make your selections from the dropdowns.
  3. Click "Save Settings".
  4. Repeat for as many different codes as you need!


  • If using a CMS such as Wordpress or Drupal, be sure to add the code into the HTML view.
  • The final step of creating your embed will allow you to preview your embed.

Embed code screen sample

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